Weekly Thoughts XII

News: So, this past week wasn't actually bad. Well you know how you have those days that start out bad but eventually gets better? I guess that is how my week was. Started off bad but in the end got better. Normally I would have already written this out on Saturday so I wouldn't do anything on Sunday and just laze around but I am not home. I am actually at my best-friends house. She was feeling ill so I came and checked on her. We had delicious Korean Food and I also did her hair. She has very curly hair which takes me awhile to do. But she is feeling better aside from her leg which is the good part. No more fever.

11 Days Until Christmas!

Plans: I don't really have Christmas plans but I am coming up with plans for New Years Eve ( my Mum keeps insisting that I go to church ) and my birthday. I think I have outgrown going out and drinking for New Years Eve. All I want to do is watch fireworks and eat delicious food. That's it! I have no intention of being pressed up against 200+ other people in a small lounge to countdown when I can countdown inside a Ferris Wheel with le boyfriend, best-friend and her boyfriend.

Shopping: So, I don't have any news about shopping BUT I was so shocked when le boyfriend came home for the past 2 days with shopping bags. I guess I turned him into an H&M husband. He normally doesn't like shopping at all. So, I was very shocked. VERY VERY SHOCKED. I love what he bought and I cannot wait to wear his coat!

Watched: I have been loving the show Rosewood. I just recently found the show on Hulu and have been binge watching the episodes. Now that I am done...The new season doesn't come back until MARCH 2016!

Song of the Week: Meghan Trainor ft John Legend 'Like I'm going to lose you'

Video of the Week:


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