Gift Guide For Her

With the Holidays vastly approaching I have decided to help my fellow Lovelies and their gents with my holiday guide! I am currently making my personal wish list for le boyfriend and I think he will be quite impressed with my list this year. I didn't make a list last year cause there really wasn't anything that I really wanted but this year is a little different.

Also I have to take into consideration that my birthday is also slowly approaching as well. I might just get a 2 in 1 gift. Christmas and Birthday combined. Always the best ones right?

  1. Textured Scarf

  2. Porcelain Mug

  3. Metal Ring Set

  4. Lace Trim Dress

  5. Textured Long Coat

  6. Lapels Wool Coat

  7. Handbag

  8. Scented Candle

  9. Round Mirror

  10. Wool Baseball Cap

  11. Cross-body Bag

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