Weekly Thoughts XIII

News: Happy Belated Christmas my amazing lovelies! I would really love to know how your Christmas/ Boxing Day was! Don't be afraid to leave me comments down below. This past Christmas was very interesting for me. My eldest sister hosted Christmas Dinner at her new place and invited me and le boyfriend even though it was last minute. My second older sister flew in from Japan to surprise my Mum for the holidays. Which of course she was very surprised since she hasn't seen my sister since she got stationed there. What a surprise am I right?

Plans: Please tell me some New Years Eve ideas! I was mainly thinking about enjoying a nice dinner with le boyfriend and just enjoying eachothers company. We don't have to worry about paying a fee at the door, bumping shoulders with tons of strangers that we don't know and me constantly standing up on my feet. I just wanna get dressed up with the man I love and just have his attention all on me going into the New Year. Lol!

Shopping: Yesterday ( Boxing Day ) le boyfriend and I went shopping with my Mum. It's always nice spending time with them both. My Mum is a crazy human being. Also she is very very corny and she thinks that she is a comedian. Although she does have her funny moments.

Watched: I just randomly started watching " Courage the Cowardly Dog " on netflix. I used to actually love this show as a kid and still thoroughly enjoy it even now in adulthood.

Song of the Week: Happy by Leona Lewis.

Video of the Week:


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