My Week In Some Words III

News: My little brother celebrated his 16th birthday! It's crazy how I remember him being an annoying 5 year old wanting to do everything his older sister did. I guess I miss him being that small and innocent. Not the pain in the ass as he is now cause he is older lol.

In other news MY BUSINESS CARDS CAME YESTERDAY! I thought they weren't going to come out the way I designed them but they did and I honestly love them! I will be doing a sepereate blog post for them for those interested on how I made them and which website I used!

Plans: I have decided what I wanted to do for Valentines Day! Drum role please! I am going to go watch "Deadpool". My friends have decided to do a single spa day and lets just say I was automatically opted out for that one. So, movie night it is! I love Marvel movies!

Shopping: Yesterday before and after my little brothers birthday dinner le familia and I went shopping! Will be doing a seperate post on what I got later on! So stay tuned for that.

Watched: Catching up on all the episodes that I missed of "Running Man" and also started watching a new drama called "Cheese In the Trap". So far its okay. Not my cuppa tea.

Song of the Week: I Love You by Akdong Musician.

Video Of The Week:

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