DC Fashion Week Day 2

Since I was sick I didn't get a chance to attend the first day of DC Fashion Week. DC Fashion Week isn't as crazy and hectic as NY Fashion , London Fashion Week or even Seoul Fashion but it is a chance for local blogger like myself , stylists and photographers to come out and enjoy  a day full of fashion and of course style.

Seeing some familiar faces from the pervious fashion show at this one was non other than amazing!

Although the fashion show venue changed at the last minute it was still such a good turnout. From local Jewelry Designers to Swimwear Designers to even College Students showing their designs on the runway. There was even an impromptu part in the middle ( due to the models not being ready ) but it was nice to see the crowd participating and cheering each-other on.

At the end of the Fashion Show all of the designers were showcasing their work and allowed bloggers and photographers to snap photos of them. OF course you know I had to snap a few photos of my favorite designer and his work to show you Lovelies! Unfortunately the amazing picture I took got messed up thanks to the photographer's FLASH! I tried so hard to edit it without making it look terrible but I just ended up making it look worst!

There were drink and definitely lots and lots of mingling. I guess that is the purpose of a Networking Party right?

The drinks were flowing and the DJ was definitely blasting out some amazing tunes. Including some oldies that caught me off guard and made me sing along as well.

I attended the event with some amazing ladies I met during the Fashion Show that I volunteered for earlier this month. Which is great! Keeping in touch and attending together has definitely helped with the awkwardness of going around introducing yourself to strangers. I think attending a few local shows and events have given me the confidence I need to work with local brand and spread LeLondonChic!

 Enjoy these photos that I took on my phone. I took a lot more and posted them on snapchat along with the videos! I will be doing another post and adding all the photos that we took at the event from the photographers so I will definitely have better quality photos for you Lovelies soon!

PS: It was SO windy so please excuse my crazy looking hair! I fixed it once we got inside!

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