10 Random Facts About Me

So, when I first started my blog I wrote around 25 Random facts about myself. This was back in the late 2014 early 2015 stages of my blog! I doubt anyone wants to go back that far to read so I have decided to do another for all of my new readers! As a welcome and thank you for reading my blog!

1) I can speak around 3 languages ( eng , kr and fr )

2) I tend to smile a lot when I am extremely nervous

3) I wish that I had the power of invisibility

4) I only drink Caramel Frappes from Starbucks

5) I try to wear all of my shoes once a year ( never really happens lol )

6) I am super indecisive about my hair ( to grow or not to grow )

7) I absolutely hate horror movies

8) I have an unnatural obsession with banana&coke slurpees

9) I add a shit ton of stuff into my basket when I am online shopping then I close the tab lol

10) I don't know why I love outerwear so much

PS: This photo was taken on Snapchat!

There you have it! 10 crazy random facts about me! I think I will another 10 every month so you guys know more about me as the time goes by.

Until next time!

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