My Week In Some Words VII

News: I had the unfortunate pleasure of catching the flu unexpectedly. Which completely sucked. I had no energy to do anything and I also went through numerous amounts on tissue boxes. As I am typing this I am still a little sick. You know the dry cough and runny nose has become like second nature to me. On another note. I am back on my blogging grind! I am excited I shot like 3 looks yesterday and I will be shooting another 3-4 today hopefully.

Plans: I don't really have plans yet. I don't like making plans when I am or have been sick. BUT I have been checking the weather for this week and it's supposed to be in the 70's and I am beyond excited! Not really about wearing black everyday to work. I love black but not in 70 degree weather.

Shopping: Since I have been sick I haven't really done any shopping BUT I really wanted to record my Haul Video. My voice wasn't there at all. I do have a few things that I want to share with you guys. I will get around to it I swear! I will be adding a shop my wardrobe page so it will be easier for you guys to purchase straight from my blog! It will make it a lot easier.

Watched: I have started watching " Melissa & Joey " again and I don't know why I never saw it before but it's kinda similar to " The Nanny ". Very similar. Both Fran and Joey are The Nannies right? Worked a few years for their employers right? Both fall in love with their employers right? They get married and BOTH happen to have TWINS?! Why have I not noticed this before? LOL.

Song Of The Week: 

You're the Best by Mamamoo.

Video Of The Week:

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