Bubbles&Bloggers Brunch Look

One thing I can say is that every single blogger that I have met ( locally ) have been nothing but super nice! Which is something that I love and something that I also do not really see often. Last year I went to an event and took le boyfriend with me because I didn't know anyone and it was awkward. All the bloggers were already grouped off and talking among themselves and when I walked closer to try and introduce myself I got weird looks.

I never questioned why really. Was it because I didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes or the fact I wasn't stick thin like they were? I felt like since we were all doing something that we loved ( blogging ) that we would be open and supportive of each-other and our goals. Building each-other up with our ideas rather than turning up our noses and casting shade.

I was honestly so glad that le boyfriend came with me so I could talk to him so I wasn't there standing alone with no one to talk to but my thoughts.

This is what I love about Bubbles&Bloggers! We meet up once a month over brunch ( our weakness ) and all you can drink mimosas or any other activities that we come up with. Could you say ideal? The idea was thought of by local blogger Danielle from Blondeinthedistrict who thought that we should be empowering each-other.

She came up with the idea for a Coachella themed brunch this past Saturday. I don't really own anything Coachella worthy so I decided to plan my outfit around my Fedora. It had cute little western detailing around the rim I thought hmm this would work. We met up an hour early and turned our meet and greet ( I already knew Dani from a previous event ) into a photo-shoot. It was so much fun! I got the chance to meet the blogger behind Glassofglam as well! She was shy at first but had such an amazing personality. It was also fun catching up with my love Sarah from DistrictDamsel!

I had fun teaching her some of my blogging and photography tips and tricks. She was willing to learn since she is new to blogging.

Brunch with these bloggers were so inspirational. We talked about blogging ( of course ) reality TV, and anything else that you guys can think of. Definitely walked away with some new and fresh ideas for you guys!

Photo credit to the wonderful Dani as well! Guys make sure that you check out her blog!

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