Damn Jia Back At It Again With Some New Ish!

Before I get into this post. I am still obsessing over the whole " Damn Daniel " video that went viral. Everywhere I go I hear ' Damn Daniel ' so I kinda wanted to make this post headline with not " Damn Daniel " but my very own " Damn Jia " it is still just as catchy.

I have decided to show you guys some new amazing pieces that I recently got. I am buzzing with excitement to share these items with you guys. Who does not love new clothing and accessories arriving in their mailboxes almost every other week? It is like Christmas or my Birthday all the time. Le boyfriend might get tired of hearing it constantly...you might be wondering what does he hate hearing.

" I have a package coming..."

Okay, so I was debating on whether I should record a video, do a flat-lay, or find photos online and just messing around with them in Photoshop for you Lovelies! As you can obviously guess by the photo of choice of picture you guys are currently seeing. Aren't my Photoshop skills quite amazing? Yes, I am totally boosting my ego right now but who knows maybe I will switch it up on you Lovelies and add videos and other ishhh.

Also don't forget to check out my SHOP page! I update it regular with items currently in my wardrobe! There are things that I haven't styled yet either!

Happy Shopping!

Boohoo - Double Breasted Blazer

Boohoo - Cropped Trousers

Boohoo - Front Dress Shirt

Na-kd - Medium Chain Bag

H&M - Cropped Flare Denim


  1. Yes, your photoshop skills are on point! That bag is an epic find. Damn, Jia actually works! I love it!
    Glass of Glam

  2. LOL, Thank you love! I have had a good teacher. It is also good learning from other bloggers as well!