BBBeauty Secret Tuesdays

You've asked and I am finally getting around to delivering! For the next 2 weeks I will be sharing some of my beauty secrets on maintaining my glowy look!

As you guys know I hardly wear makeup. If I wear foundation it is super light never heavy. I do not contour my face or add any of that extra stuff. Although I am looking for a very good concealer for my under eyes!

I try to keep my face moisterized at ALL times and I try to intake as much water as possible! I would say a healthy diet also contributes to glowy skin but lets face it I effing love nachos!

The first item I will be talking about is the Tonique Radiance ( Clarifying Exfoliating Toner ) from Lancôme! I have sensitive skin ( tis why I only use a little bit of foundation for full coverage ) and this toner works very well because it's gentle.

Made with White Lotus and clarifying Anise Extract this bad boy has my skin looking and feeling brand new!

The second item is Foam Hand Soap from Bath & Body Works! My Mum is odsessed with that store and I find myself having to drag her out before she buys everything. For some odd reason I go into a sneezing frenzy whenever I smell extremely strong  parfume scents! Odd?! Tell me about it! This Winter  Wonderland scent is to die for ( not literally ) but you get what I mean. Light and refreshing and I tend to get sick alot so I wash my hands A LOT! Win win right?





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