Off Duty In My Favorite Flared Denim!

Washington, DC, USA

I am kinda digging these off duty looks I throw together last minute.

I had to run some errands and the weather was grey and cold so I decided to dress according to it.

Walking around the city and taking in the sights. I always tend to feel like a tourist because there are so many places that I have yet to visit. Granted I have only been living here in the city for 10 years now.

It was nice walking around until I got caught in the rain which sucks because I didn't bring an umbrella. I enjoyed the run though lol.

I have a love hate ( mostly hate ) relationship with this white tee. Simple yes and goes with everything but the lint from this tee is unbearable! Kinda regretted wearing it.

Has anyone tried any of the makeup from H&M? I went in there just to browse around and ended up looking the makeup section. Some of their lipstick selections were so nice I ended up sampling some just to see. I liked how nice and rich the colours were but I am iffy about the foundation and anything else. But I might just suck it up and do a review on their brand to see.

Forever 21 - Jersey Jacket

Forever 21 - White Tee

H&M - Flared Denim

H&M - Bowl Hat

Forever 21 - Bucket Bag

American Eagle - Sunglasses

Bakers Shoe Store - Combat Boots ( similar below )

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