My Inner European!

Hello my wonderful lovelies! How are you all doing lately? I wanted to say thank you to those who Snap me and those who ask me to snap more showing my face and actually talking in them. I don't know why I am a bit shy in front of the camera. LOL. I laughed a little.

As you guys know I am a massive sucker for sales! I think I might say that line way to much. But it's mainly for my new readers and subscribers. Thank you all so much for subscribing it means the world to me! So I am sending you wonderful souls 1000 thank you's and kisses!

I have been eying these trousers from F21 for the longest time but I didn't really want to pay around $30 for them. Especially when you are on a budget. So, I added them to my wishlist and boom a month later they are on sale in my local F21 store for $11 ( I rounded up because it was $10.99 ). I was so excited that the security guard was watching me as I spazzed out. LOL.

I found myself in line with these beauties. I actually forgot that these bad boys were on my F21 wishlist until I saw them in the sale section. It's true what they say " Patience is a virtue " unless you are waiting in line at Starbucks.

I chose to pair these trousers with a white button up rather than black because I am saving that for another day lol.

The weather doesn't know what it wants to do so we've been having cold rainy days rather than beautiful Spring days. Love and hate with the weather. 60 degree weather is fine but not 50 degree and rainy....messing with my photo taking days.

I don't think I am ever going to NOT wear these oxfords. Breaking then in was the worst but not that I have I am free to wear them everyday if I must. LOL. I love the little heel! Even if I am an inch or 2 taller I will take it!

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