My Week In Some Words XV

News: The wearher has been absolute crap lately and it has definitely cut into the days I normally take photos. Which sucks because I like to stock up on photos and schedule my blog posts in advamce. So, when there are days when I am sick or just not in a photo taking/ blogging mood I still have posts scheduled!

Plans: I am planning a trip to a fun place with lots of sun ( which is what I can barely say about here ) and I cannot wait to share with you guys. Let's just say I haven't been on an airplane in awhile!

Shopping: 2 new items have blessed my wardrobe! 1 item I have been eying but they didn't have the colour that I wanted so I had to put that on the back burner. The second item is just as beautiful! Are you guys ready for another " Damn Jia " post?!

Watched: I went to my bestfriends house for a couple of days and she talked me into watching ' Your Lie In April ' which is an Anime on Netflix and it was so sad but touching. We also watched ' Scooby Doo ' on Netflix as well. It's a funny version on the original Scooby Doo that I think you lovelies will enjoy.

Song Of The Week: 

Save Me by BTS

Video Of The Week:

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