My Week In Some Words XIV

News: Time for another weekly thoughts post. On Friday, I met my Mum and we had a fun date day. Just hanging out and catching up on life and being the crazy duo that we are. To laughing at The Cheesecake Factory to furniture shopping and getting complimentary ice-cream. It was actually quite a fun day.

Plans: I have some ideas that I have been tinkering with lately regarding my blog. I cannot wait to share them with you lovelies. I think that you guys might like them. Eh, so excited.

Shopping: I got a new pair of converse and I have been wearing them non stop. I think they are an amazing investment to just run around in. I started selling some of my old items on Depop and I am making way for awesome shiny new items! Okay, maybe not really shiny but you guys get what I mean.

Watched: Watching Animainiacs again on Netflix! I cannot resist bringing out the inner kid in me. I don't think I will ever get bored watching it.

Song Of The Week:

Speechless by Leo from VIXX

Video Of The Week:

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