That Mustard Yellow Top

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA

Let us get one thing straight. I hardly wear colour or hardly own any colour in my wardrobe but this shirt somehow made it's way into my closet. We tend to make exceptions right.

I wanted a colour that wasn't to bright and yet something I could see myself wearing numerous times. Isn't that they key to when buying clothing.

You lovelies might have seen this particular top before. Where you might ask? This Mustard Yellow Top was featured on my " Thigh High " post. IF you guys are curious about how I first styled this top then click the link! This is one top that after wearing it the first time I ended up stuffing it in the back of my wardrobe for another day.

Fast forward a few months later and I don't know why but something told me to take it out of my wardrobe and wear it for happy hour. Side note : I really need to limit my drinking to like twice a month. We have been having a lot and I do mean a lot of grey days and I wanted to wear something to brighten it up. I am one who loves grey rainy days...I honestly live for them but not everyone thinks the way that I do.

So, confession! I started going back to the gym and working out at home. I need to get back into shape. More so toning up. I find myself fitting into some of my old jeans. Surprising and a little exciting! Even though these off white pants don't really have a denim feel to it. Which is why I didn't recycle them when they became a little snug on me.

I feel a lot better since I started going to the gym. I do have a lot more cheat days than I wish to admit. Frigging hard man! Starbucks, Doughnuts, Soda and Ice cream. I feel like a need a fitness coach. Someone please help me!

PS: Who else hates when you iron something and it effing gets so wrinkly! UGH!

Top - Forever 21 ( similar below )

Vest - Forever 21 ( similar below )

Pants - Forever 21

Blazer - H&M Men

Fedora - Forever 21

Clutch - Forever 21

Sunnies - Forever 21

 Shoes - Bakers Shoe Store ( similar below )

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