The Perfect Beauty Guide

The Perfect Beauty Guide

We have all been embroiled in a war of words with each other about the best beauty products. Which one is better? Which is best for what skin type? The truth is that most of us have to experiment a lot to find a product that suits our skin type. Is there ever going to be a product which will suit everyone? We do not think so. But, it is high time that you shift to using natural beauty products because the recent revelations about both Talc and Triclosan are quite alarming.

Both are things which were/are readily used in many of the synthetic beauty products. And both have been flagged as possible carcinogens by the relevant authorities in most countries.
How do you even start when it comes to using natural beauty products? Well, we will start by debugging the myth that a single natural product can be good for all types of skin. Even natural substances can prove to be allergenic to some people. So, the rule of testing on a small area first applies to natural products as well. Nevertheless, there is evidence that natural beauty products are good for most people. But, there is a hit and trial involved here too, so we suggest buying beauty products from Groupon to save some money.

Is using beauty products enough? No, it is not. We suggest a more holistic approach based on a solid daily, weekly, and a monthly routine involving a healthy diet, proper sleep, and some exercise. And guess what, it does not take very long. Even the most stringent of routines will take a maximum of 2 hours from your weekly schedule. For example, adding a simple vitamin rich smoothie can do wonders for your body and it usually takes only a couple of minutes to make.
However, reading about all this is boring. So, we have prepared a very informative info-graphic on the subject to help you get your routine right.

The Perfect Beauty Guide

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