All About That B+W!

Washington, DC, USA

Black + White have been taking over my wardrobe lately. Whenever I go shopping I try to branch out from my basic colour palette and yet I fail because I always end up walking around the entire store with either Monochrome pieces or Neutral pieces. Which wasn't the goal but I cannot complain if I found really awesome pieces.

Although my wardrobe is lacking in the colour department it makes it easier for me to style looks. Sometimes I do surprise myself and of course you guys when I switch it up and wear colour and I don't mean blue. Then the next day I just want to wear something neutral and yet eye catching.

It actually took me awhile to find my personal style. When I was younger ( I am still young ) my personal style was to fit in and barely stand out. Into my adulthood I tried finding myself and my style. Especially when I started gaining weight as well. I went through a few fashion phases until I decided that I should stop trying to fit in and start standing out without having to show much skin.

Black + White will probably always be my go to colour scheme. Plus pairing with my all time favorite Fedora! I think I will show you guys my entire Fedora Collection! It is pretty friggin amazing if I say so myself.

The weather decided to give us some sunshine and I had to take full advantage of the amazing day. I opted for an Off-The-Shoulder Top, my favorite Black Skinny Jeans and my all time favorite Oxfords.

I have gotten to the point in my Fashion life where my motto is:

' Who knows, Who cares. I am digging it and that is all that matters! '

PS: How are you guys liking my new hair colour!? Lavender and Grey hell yeah!

Zara - Top

Forever 21 - Denim

Forever 21 - Fedora

Forever 21 - Satchel

American Eagle - Sunnies

Forever 21 - Oxfords

H&M - Blazer

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