Happy Fathers Day

Today being Father's Day really  strikes a chord with me. I never really celebrate the day because I grew up without a Dad. Don't let the first thought in your head be " abandonment " cause no I wasn't abandoned. He passed away.

Growing up I would have loved a Father figure. Someone to chase away all the boys and threaten them, to come to all of my sport events and to even spoil me and call me his Princess. Seeing as though it will never happen ( I have given up ) I try to give myself the advice I think he would give me if he was around.

When I was in high-school it always bothered me when I would overhear how rude people were to their Father's. Someone that they should be cherishing. Granted I know growing up that your parents will rub you the wrong way but they are the only parents we have.

I always wondered how different my up bringing and my life would be if my Dad was around. I wish I could go back in time but I can't. I just have to live my life knowing he knows about me and that he is watching over me.

So, this post is dedicated to my Dad.

I want you to know that I am doing well and I know you are proud of me. I did struggle but I eventually found my way and I am still finding myself. Keep an eye out. I am going to surprise you!

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