Summer Knits

Effing Summer man! I hate it. Absolutely hate it. So, I wanted to style this sweater before the weather dipped into the 90's or even worse 100 degree weather! I seriously really hate Summer!

We have on and off Grey Days and this Oversized Sweater was perfect for this particular day. Although there were instances where the sun was out but overall it was still a semi good day ( weather wise ).

I got this awesome Knit Sweater from the Plus Sized section at Forever 21. I love the oversized fit and style and this sweater was on sale. Which is always a plus and pairing it with my favorite lace bralette and white skinny jeans was a win win.

I was debating for awhile whether or not I should have styled this with black skinny jeans but I wanted to switch it up for you guys.

I haven't worn these jeans in so long and I honestly wanted to see if they would still fit me. To my surprise they still DO! WOOHOO! Although the only thing I hate is that I look a little chunky on the top. Alot of the photos that I took I am not going to upload because of that lol.

So, I have been racking my brain and my wardrobe coming with some inspiring looks for the Season that I hate the most.

PS: I am going to start taking boxing classes. Regular workout days bore me. Any of my readers take classes? Could you give me some advice?

Forever 21 - Sweater

Nordstrom Rack - White Jeans

Forever 21 - Fedora

Na-kd - Satchel

Forever 21 - Oxford Platform

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