Blogger Style Of The Month

Hello my blogger and non blogger loves.

I am starting something quite new on the blog and it is called Blogger Spotlight. This is mainly about the bloggers who has inspired me to keep blogging and pursuing my dreams. Some of the bloggers I will be showcasing are some that I have actually befriended and they are amazing women and men.

On the other hand are bloggers with the same aesthetic as myself and I find myself looking at their blogs for inspiration or when I just need a good blog catch up ( on those sick days ).

The first blogger that I will be featuring is non other than my babe Lily from The Demeler!

Lily is an amazing individual and I couldn't be happier to call her my instagram friend. She is totally sweet and down to earth with a bit of a badass personality which is why I enjoy our friendship.

Do not worry she knows I am writing this about her.

I always told myself that the next time I head back to NYC she was going to be the first person I reach out to.

Coffee, Wine and Pizza date?


Feel free to check out her blog and her instagram! I am sure you guys won't be disappointed!!

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