July 4th Recap!

I don't really celebrate the 4th of July that often. 

Last year le boyfriend and I went to the National Mall to watch the fireworks and this year we weren't really up for it. Why? I just didn't want to deal with the crowds and the yelling and all the crazy hectic things that happens every year. Also it was raining basically all day and I really didn't want to venture into that. 

Our day started off pretty well. We wandered off to our local shopping mall and grabbed some delicious food. We wen to the shopping mall mainly because I was looking for a Hard Shell Case for my laptop but ended up with no luck. Stupid Best Buy. Just kidding I still love them. After my Best Buy fail we ventured into Marshalls and still had no luck. I did find a pair of sunglasses that were around $10 which isn't a bad price but I ended up not getting them ( I am regretting it so badly right now ). They were purple and gold and fit my face perfectly! Maybe they will still be there when I go back. Those sunglasses and an otterbox phone case that I saw. 

After Marshalls I wanted to go into Nordstrom Rack and I was so happy that I did. I walked out of the store with 2 awesome items. I cannot wait to show you lovelies. I was actually aiming for 1 item but I allowed the cashier to talk me into buying a pair of gladiator sandals. Granted they were so cute and I found myself doing an internal battle on whether or not I should get them. I am glad that I did because they are so cute. 

The cashier did have a point I would have regretted it if I didn't. As you lovelies might have guessed after Nordstrom Rack we ventured to another store. My all time new favorite store ( when they are having sales ) Zara! They finally opened a Zara at my favorite shopping mall along with a NYX Store and Shake Shack. Talk about a win win! I haven't been in the Zara since they built it and yesterday I chose to go because I knew they were having sales. 

This Zara store was unbelievable! 2 levels ( as always ) and super new and  clean even though it was a crazy sale going on. Le boyfriend and I actually left with 1 item each but waiting in that line was hectic! I felt so sorry for the cashier Eric. He was the only cashier and we stood in line for over 30 minutes. When it was actually our turn to check out I told him that if they hired me on the spot I would jump on the other register to help him. That is how bad I felt and lets not get started about how he had to be there until 10pm yesterday night. But I did walk out of there with another one of my wishlist items. Super excited. 

Yesterday was such a good day I want to do it all over again. Minus the long lines obviously. 

Smoothie king was good and a lovely glass of wine before turning in for the night was epic. I did dislike the fact that t was raining for majority of the day...there were barely any fireworks but my neighbors did light them downstairs which kept us awake for majority of the night. 

Lots of new things will be coming to Lelondonchic! 

Stay tuned! 

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