Mixing Whites

Washington, DC, USA

I have a confession! I have gotten around 4 pairs of shoes in the past few days. 


 Maybe a week..( I schedule my posts in advance ). I could not help it even though I honestly tried ( not well enough ). One of my biggest weakness besides clothing of course. LOL.

I am looking into " Shoppers Anon " meetings. I need help or someone could just take away my debit card so I wont be able to actually purchase anything. Then maybe just maybe. I make it seem like I buy a lot or spend a lot but I don't. More like $5 here and $7 there etc. But in the end I guess it does add up.

These Zara Flatforms were added to my " Zara Sale " wishlist but because of how amazing they are....I wasn't surprised when my size and the colour I wanted were already sold out.  

So, that began my frantic search for these beauties in a Zara store. I thought it would be a little easy but boy was I way wrong. I literally went to 3 ( that's right ) Zara Stores before I found these Flatforms and in my size. Thank you Tysons Corner! 

I snatched these babies as soon as I saw them. Another woman was eyeing them but I was quicker lol. 

The weather is still complete shit and I made the error of wearing these on a day when it was apparently going to rain. Even though I checked the weather app and it said it wasn't supposed too. Guess it was also a bad day to wear " white " again. I thought all of my business ( wearing a cute bralette ) was going to be showing from my white shirt getting wet but that was not the case. 

Happy happy dance. 

I can check these " Nude Flatforms " off of my list of shoes that go with everything in my wardrobe! 



Blazer: H&M| Tee: Nord Rack| Denim: H&M| Fedora: F21| Bag: Zara ( similar )| Shoes: Zara| Sunnies: AE

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