My Week In Some Words XV

News: The calm before the storm. 5 days ago we had a thunderstorm hit our area and I loved it. I think I mentioned in my Random Facts about me that I love thunderstorms. I didn't enjoy the no electricity for half the night but you can make the best out of any situation. Candles. I knew there was a reason I stocked up on them. Thank you Ikea lol!

Plans: Le boyfriend and I are planning some fun exciting date days! Because our schedules don't really match up. We plan out our little dates in advance so neither one of us makes plans.

Movies one day, Dinner another, or just a stroll through the city. My ideal date is staying at home with him and watching Netflix eating an awesome arrangement of junk food.

Shopping: Yes, I couldn't resist! New, new and glorious new. I seriously have to go through and find space for my new babies. I think it's time for a new apartment and I think I found the perfect one. My main thing was a bigger wardrobe and boy did I find it! 3 whole wardrobes! 1 walk-in and 2 regular. So, I get 2 and le boyfriend gets one! Can we say dream apartment!?


Courage the Cowardly Dog.

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 I Like That by Sistar

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