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One 90's trend that I am definitely hopping back on. 


You know when you go through your wardrobe and you realise that you are missing some key basic pieces? Well that was the case with me. I was looking through my wardrobe and I had to take a step back...

" Do I seriously not own a pair of grey denim!? "

Crap! I needed to get on that ASAP and you lovelies know that I did. I went to my favourite H&M store and found these amazing Grey Skinny Jeans and they were on sale! Win win!

I know fashion repeats itself ( trust me ). This is coming from the girl who still wears some items she owned in high-school. Being a 90's kid I used to hate some of the things my Mum used to dress me in. I could honestly say some of the 90's trendiest items I wanted to try but my Mum was so overprotective I knew that wasn't going to happen. 

Some of my favourite 90's trends that I love and that are back on ration in my wardrobe are:

1. Berry Lips

2. Chokers

3. Leather or Biker Jackets ( which never really went out of style )

4. Platforms ( not the scary high ones lol )

5. Denim Jackets ( again just like the Leather Jacket didn't go out of style )

6. Cropped Denim

7. Mum Jeans ( looking for the perfect fit )

8. Colourful Hair ( which I think I nailed pretty friggin well )

9. Slingbacks

10. Bodysuits

As you guys have seen from the title of this post. I am talking about Slingbacks and not just any Slingbacks these Metallic bad boys. 

These babies were on sale marked for $10 but ended up being $7! Couldn't resist...and of course pairing it with my new Grey Skinny Jeans also a win win!

I like saying that " win win " lol!

I will be posting some of my favourite 90's look periodically. It's like walking down memory lane. I am sure all of my 90's babies agree. 

Until Next Time!



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