Think Pink

I dare you...


Something that I take somewhat seriously depending on what it is of course. This particular " dare " was to wear a colour that I completely detest.

" PINK "

In Primary School my uniform colours were pink and burgundy. Which sucks. Imagine wearing the same colour everyday. Yeah as you guessed I went I got older and moved to a new country where I didn't have to wear a school uniform. I was extremely happy that I could express my love for fashion and I could be myself. I was my own person that stood out and didn't blend into the crowd. 

That meant I didn't have to wear the colour pink ever again...or so I thought. Reading my emails I came across one that really hooked me in. The header " Why don't you wear pink? " Seeing as pink ( blush ) is extremely popular with bloggers these days along with marble and this cute white furry rug ( that I secretly want as well ). The thing is like I normally state not just on my blog but literally all the time how much I detest pink. 

But reading the email it got me thinking. What if I did take up this dare and actually wore pink? I has been 10 years since I actually wore the colour so what's the harm? So, I said yes to the dare and began my search. 

Hunting for pink was the hardest thing in the world for me. I know you lovelies might be thinking that ' pink is everywhere ' and you are right but it is hard for me because it is a colour I always avoided. Which means any shade of, blush regular you name it. 

Le boyfriend and I took an adventure to our favourite H&M and I came across this turtleneck pink sweater that was on sale. I figured oh hey this is pink and it's on sale so I wont feel as guilty when I never wear it again. Win. 

When I got home I decided to tweak the sweater just a bit. Make it more chic. Took some scissors to it and transformed it into an off the shoulder sweater that I could actually see myself wearing. Yes, even if it's only once. 

Pairing this sweater with these 70's inspired flared denim was such a good call. By the way these denim were also on sale at H&M! 



H&M Sweater | H&M Denim | Bakers Sandals | F21 Fedora | F21 Sunnies | Shein Crossbody 

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