My Offline Society Look

Coming around and showing you lovelies my Offline Society look.

Summer is death. One thing I could def say is that I wish it was Fall going into Winter. 


Winter is better than sweating profusely and being super cautious about what you wear because you don't want to sweat and leave marks on your outfit. It really is a hassle.....and something that I wont miss during the Fall and Winter Seasons.

Okay, let me get back on topic. As you lovelies know from my last blog post... My blogger babes and I went to a singles mixer the other night by accident. You are probably asking... How exactly do you end up at a singles mixer on accident? It is quite possible to make that error. Cause we obviously did. LOL.

Since there was no dress code listed on the website, I opted for a casual look and regretted the jeans later on as the day continued. Tis why I was hovering over by the massive fan that they had because I was boiling! Note to self: Never go to an event without AC ever again. 

The Jeans I am wearing are a pair of Forever 21 skinny jeans that I frayed and I have to say I really liked the way that they came out. Hooray for DIY! 

Maybe I should tackle more DIY projects and share the with you lovelies. I have all these ideas and I am hoping you guys will love them.

This post went all over the place. Oh well...I am looking forward to another blogger meetup with my babes! 

Until next time!!

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