When Thank You Isn't Enough

You know the saying

" Do onto others as you would have them do onto you..." 

Well I experienced that first hand. Not in a bad way but in a good way. I believe in karma. Good karma and bad karma. Be kind to others and later on someone will be kind to you. I think that karma works in mysterious ways. I will tell you why...

I had the pleasure of meeting a hotel guest name Mrs. Tran.

I will not be sharing her first name to respect her privacy

Do you guys believe in fate? I think that Mrs. Tran and I paths were meant to cross! We had the opportunity to have an amazing conversation that lasted almost 20 minutes. It was a touching conversation. I felt as if I was talking to myself but older and married. If I didn't need to close the gym I would have continued my conversation with to her. She had such an amazing personality and such a kind soul that I just didn't want our conversation to end. 

The reason that I am telling you guys this is because I want you to understand why this woman particularly impacted my life. 

The next day I was informed that something terrible had happened and I felt beyond guilty. Mrs. Tran lost her wedding ring and after she came back to talk to me about it my heart was breaking. I was trying to stop myself from crying because I knew if it was me I would feel the same.  

After sending out a mass email to my GM and to my coworkers and also giving all the information she gave me to security the only thing we could do now was hope and pray that her ring was found. I made sure that I kept in contact with her so she knew that we were ( at least I was ) taking this matter seriously! 

2 days later I got an email from the GM and a phone call from my coworker saying that they found her ring! I was sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee and I literally ( I am not kidding ) screamed for joy and scared the lady that was sitting next to me. I immediately sent Mrs. Tran a text so happy that we were able to find her ring. 

Mrs. Tran told me that for everything that I did to tell her locate her ring she wanted to get me a gift. I told her that she didn't have to. That I was just doing my job. She said she knew she did NOT have to but in fact she WANTED to. 

When I got to work and saw the gift I was moved to tears. Going above and beyond is something I do because I want to and to get recognised for it by someone I just met really touched me. For someone who has such a beautiful soul as hers to go and do something like this for me. I cannot find the words to say thank you! A million times thank you! 

I wanted to dedicate this entire post to Mrs. Tran. Someone with a beautiful soul as yours will have such amazing days ahead of you! I will definitely keep in touch as well. I look forward to our blossoming friendship. 

Thank you to the Moon and Back! <3

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