Zara Annual Sale Wishlist!

As you guys know I am a sucker for sales and when I see amazing sales I go crazy!

BY now you know my love for Zara knows no bounds. Like at all. I swear if they were having like a store location closing sale I would sleep in line to be the first one in the door! I am that obsessed BUT I always shop sales and brag about it because I know that everyone has a budget and just because you can afford a $70-$100 item doesn't mean everyone else can.

I am not saying that I am...I was just making up an example. LOL.

This past weekend I visited my local Zara and went crazy. I already looked up online the things that I wanted so the other trek was getting to the store and actually finding the items that I wanted.

Sounds easy but when Zara has a sale EVERYONE goes and I do mean EVERYONE! It sucks because it makes it harder to find ANYTHING. Why? Because the whole place is trashed. Women are scary creatures and even though I am a woman myself I was in awe.

The line alone was crazy. I went in the intention of getting 5 items....I left with 1. That is how crazy it was.

I couldn't find my size for sh*t and whenever I asked a sales associate to see whether or not they had it they would say yes and BOOM never find it cause the place is hectic.

I commend them because I know what it was like working retail. This is why I am so respectable whenever I shopping. Cause I knew how it felt to have to stand there with a smile on my face as women and men yelled in my face. It was hard not to mentally slap the living sh*t out of them but I was raised to good for that.

Wow, this turned into a little bit of a rant lol. I just wanted to share what items I am eyeing!

They will be making their way onto my blog soon! If I can find them lol.

Until next time lovelies!

PS: The one in bold are the ones I already got!! Cannot wait to see what other items I can get my hands on!

Long Top | Bucket Bag | Floral Trousers | Culottes | Flat Platforms | Oversized Blazer

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