Flower Child

All I need is a matching flower crown and I will be set.


You know when you plan an outfit then something happens last minute and you have to come up with something else? I made the error of washing the original top that I was going to pair these " awesome " trousers with. Yes, this is another one of my Zara wishlist items! Funny story about these trousers. I actually went back to Zara 3 times regarding these trousers. 3 really is my lucky number because on my third visit they actually had my size! 

Jumping for joy!

As I successfully crossed yet another item off of my wishlist now came the hard part. Hunting for the other pieces that I was eyeing. I am gutted that the blazer I wanted was no longer in stock. Wasn't the happiest about that but I was waiting for the price of the blazer to drop but it completely dropped out of sight. That's okay though because I ended up opting for a few other items that I caught my eye as well. 

Does this mean that I have recently become addicted to Zara sales?! 

I think so! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing...I cannot pull myself to buy a pair of shoes for $160 when I can wait and get those exact pair for $30 when they go on sale. I get to save around $130 to use for whatever or save!

" Win Win "

Wearing these trousers I sort of learned a valuable lesson. Never wear these sandals with them ever again! My trousers got caught so many times in the gem detailing it was ridiculous. I almost fell a few times as well. Which would have been funny yet embarrassing. I actually have to attempt to fix my trousers now. Ugh stupid sandals. The sandals were the better option since le boyfriend and I were walking around trying to catch some pokemon. LOL.

Thank you to the few of you who have been sending me emails about updating my shopping tab on my blog! I will be updating it soon hopefully. Due to the fact that alot of the items I got were on sale they might not be available online anymore. SO....I will find awesome and affordable items for you guys to shop from. I also need a closet detox.

Should I sell more of my old clothing?

Until next time! 



Top: Thrifted | Trousers: Zara | Fedora: F21 | Sandals: Bakers | Satchel: ASOS | Sunnies: AE | Bralette: F21 

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