My Week In Some Words XVII

News: Everyone has been tuned into their telly watching the Olympics rooting for their home country then there is me. Not watching the Olympics but going through a funk. For some odd reason this week has just been a bad one for me. I didn't want anything to do with Social Media and I just wanted to lay in bed an watch Netflix all day. When I stay busy I do not have days like that but I wasn't busy so I just could't be bothered with anyone.

Plans: Today I am going to a Blogger Brunch with some of my babes and I also get to meet new local Bloggers as well. I am really excited except it is supposed to rain all day so I am not looking forward to that. I also have to start taking photos for my Fall Lookbook but it is so bloody hot outside I just cannot seem to get motivated lol. I should suck it up though. I have so many things to work on for the blog.

Shopping: I actually didn't do any shopping lately. That fits into the category that I couldn't be bothered to do anything and you guys know how much I LOVE shopping. I was actually going to post a haul video that I recorded but I was cringing so much it wasn't going to happen. I am currently working on learning Premiere CC for Adobe so I could actually edit the video like a professional.


Looney Tunes and Stranger Things.

I couldn't watch Stranger Things at night because I really do not do well with anything scary or gore! I actually had to watch Looney Tunes after I watched Stranger Things so I wouldn't have nightmares even though I watched it in the morning. LOL.

Song Of The Week:

Whistle by Black Pink

Video Of The Week:

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