Lace Up Top W/Leather Booties!

Could we take a moment of silence for these super amazing leather ( yes real leather ) booties from Zara!?


Okay, let me just say that I think I have gotten all 14 pairs of shoes that I donated back. Let me explain...I donated 14 pairs of shoes and a crap ton of clothing to ' Women and Children ' in need. I actually went from owning 100 pairs of shoes ( clearly I have a problem ) to 86 after sorting through all. I still have more clothing that I need to go to but I think this time I will take them to my local thrift-store.

Who knows.

I can honestly say though I have been replacing my wardrobe as well. Like for instance with this ' Olive Lace Up Top ' from the one and only H&M! I actually saw another blogger wearing a similar top on her blog and I thought...hmm this would look good in my wardrobe. Since it was sold out online ( that wasn't pricey ) when I clicked the link. But I knew I could find a similar top and whoot whoot I did! That definitely deserved a pat on the back. This beauty was only $7 with an extra 30% off. Yes, to bargain shopping time!

Speaking on the topic of good bargains let me talk about these effing booties! Seriously how friggen awesome are they!? You will never guess how much these babies were. $20! $20 freaking dollars! Okay, Zara you are officially my new bargain bestfriend! Best purchase ever! Who doesn't love a dramatic price drop!? Epic effing win!

Le boyfriend and I actually went into Zara to buy him some cologne because he was tired of not having any and me using his. At first I picked up a pyjama inspired top and was considering it BUT came across these babies instead. The booties were actually not marked down so I asked if they were and BOY was were they on sale! I died on the inside when she said $20! I couldn't hide the smile on my face.

What is on your sale season list?

Don't be afraid to share it with me!



Top: H&M | Denim: Zara | Fedora: F21 | Purse: Na-kd | Shoes: Zara

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