Ships ahoy. Just kidding. 


Leave it to Zara to make a dress that I actually really really want!


I am happy though. 

I first came across this striped beauty on line and I will admit that it did catch my attention. I am always iffy about dresses because of how they will look on me. Just because it looks good on the model on line doesn't mean that it will work well for me. So, I did what any fashion obsessed person would do. I took a mental photo and found myself at the nearest Zara store. 

Okay here is where it got a little tricky. Le boyfriend and I met up after he got off work cause I wanted his opinion on the dress. Well it didn't work out to my favour because he actually disliked the dress when I first showed him. He expressed his dislike with a very cute look on his face and I ended up leaving Zara without getting the dress.

As you guessed I was sad because at the time they did have my size but since I value le boyfriends opinion ( not all the time ) I didn't get it. Now fast forward 2 weeks and Zara is having their massive store sale and le boyfriend and I ventured to another Zara. Where I did discover the same exact dress hidden. I quickly grabbed it because I believe it was fate and I was fated to own this dress. The only down fall is that the it was the last one that they had in stock and it just happened to be a large. If you know anything about me from reading my blog is that I can make anything work. 

Thus this look was created! 

Paired with these awesome Puma's and my Bucket Bag from Zara as well ( they no longer sell it ). I felt like my outfit was really completed! 



Dress: Zara | Jacket: F21 | Fedora: F21 | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Puma | Sunnies: AE 

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