Wishful Thinking

I seriously need a vacation.


Dreaming of lounging on a beach in an one piece and a book to read. Ugh, do I need a vacation. I seriously haven't had one in so long that I forgot how to unwind and fully relax. Granted I can relax in the comfort of my own home but there is something about a while new scenery that really helps unwind a person. No social media, no phone, just me, a good book and the sound of the ocean. 

Staycations are pretty popular amongst bloggers but they are not the same. Yes, I am not at my house BUT I am still in the same city and seeing roughly the same people and I am in dire need of a fresh change. I also want to move to a new country but that is a whole other topic to get into. 

This look was inspired by Miami Beach. 

( I would say Ocean City but let's face it, it's shit compared to the beaches in Miami! )

I have worn this skirt before to my Bubbles&Bloggers Girls Night Out ( which you can read here ) and I thought I wouldn't wear this skirt ever again. I like being wrong. I am glad that I didn't add this to the pile of items to sell. Maybe now I will who knows. Fully knowing that I will be doing a crap ton of walking dressing down the skirt was my best option. I actually felt like myself. Although le boyfriend wasn't to keen on the sneakers.

I met up with my blogger babe Caroline and we did some shopping, grabbed smoothies and took some photos for her blog. We also pitched some ideas and caught up. I felt like I haven't seen her in forever even though we meet up once a month. 

PS: I bought this straw boater inspired hat just to compliment this look. 



Tee: H&M | Skirt: F21 ( similar ) | Fedora: F21 | Shoes: Puma | Satchel: ASOS ( similar ) | Sunnies: AE

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