Blogger and the Brand Event Recap

I am back again with another NYFW Recap! This time I will be sharing my experience at the Blogger and the Brand Networking Event hosted by Ombre Digital!

If you are just tuning in here is a slight recap from my previous NYFW blog post!

I attended New York Fashion Week for the first time ever and let me just tell you it was amazing. I am still in awe that I was able to experience something so amazing. The only thing I disliked besides the food was jam packing so many shows and events into one day. It was so hectic but in the end it was worth it! It gave me an idea of what to expect next time I attend New York Fashion Week!

After my skirt incident ( long story ), my friend Skye and I ended up at TjMaxx to browse the racks in hopes of finding a new outfit on a budget. Much to my surprise I ended up picking a suede dress with fringe which was the perfect piece to layer with my skirt. Truth be told I was actually on the hunt for a pair of pants but opted for the dress instead. Like I said I was very surprised. After my little fashion emergency we rushed out to grab our Lyft to our separate events.

Here was the dilemma there was 1 show and 1 event at the same time ( yikes ). So, Skye and I had to pick who wanted to go to which event. Being more of a blogger I ended up picking the " Blogger and the Brand " event obviously. It was a chance for me to network with other bloggers and meet brands as well.

When I got to the event ( I had so much stuff ) and was kindly greeted at the door. I was thankful that they had a coat & bag check so I could walk around freely taking photos and networking. Plus they had  an open bar which I obviously needed both hands for?

After awhile of walking around taking photos and networking we were instructed to enter a little room with chairs set up for the panel to start. The panelist were the Alexandra Carver of Obviously Social, Bloggers Courtney&Kelly from MimosasManhattan, and Rose Heyman Marie Claire Editor all wonderful and amazing women with so much insight in the Fashion Industry. 

I took a seat in the back of the room next to my new friend Lidia May and used my phone mostly for snapchat and videos. Being a blogger I was more interested in listening to what the panelist were talking about. Why? Well because it was very insightful. It made me question blogging and how I was going on about it. Patience is key! Now to repeat that over and over lol.

I am grateful that I got the chance to experience a networking event in New York. It definitely will not be my last either! I am also thankful to the women and man that I met that night.

Some photos were taken by me and some were taken by Kensey Jean! Sorry girl I snagged some photos! Make sure you guys check out her work here

Later babes!

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