Lelondonchic Meets Tom Broecker!

Washington, DC, USA
I think the header gives it away but I am so excited that I could scream! I actually had the opportunity to meet and speak to Tom Broecker!


Before I introduce him just out of curiosity how many of you ( my lovely readers ) watched 30 Rock? House of Cards? Saturday Night Live? I am just going to assume that some of you guys do and some of you guys don't. I myself am a 30 Rock fan. Not going to deny it. I love Tracy Morgan.

Have any of you ( my lovely readers ) been curious about who styles those celebrities and really make the story come to life? Because I know I have. Well today ( I a writing this the same day ) was a dreadful day. It was raining all day and I was literally going to sit in the house all day and just work on some blog posts. My friend Skye thought otherwise. She actually sent me a text asking me what I was doing ( I was about to wash my hair...random I know ) and of course my response was nothing. She asked me if I wanted to go to this event and I said yes...why not it's not like I was doing anything anyways.

The event started at 11:30 am which I think is random for a Monday but I wasn't complaining. It was a chance for me to get out of my apartment even if it was raining.

The meet&greet was being held by a local restaurant called " Bearnaise " and the interior was to die for. I was greeted by the owner and led upstairs to where the event was taking place.

Mental note: must go back there to eat and take photos!

Okay, now that I have covered most of it I do still feel like I am missing something.

Oh right!

Tom Broecker! Tom is an Emmy-award winning Costume Designer! You might recognize his work on " Saturday Night Live " or " Flesh and Bone " even better " 30 Rock "!  I have always been curious about the job of a costume designer. Everyone normally thinks ' shopping ' but it is more to that. Mr. Broecker has the skills to turn a simple $24 H&M dress and make it look like a $6,000 dress. He makes the visionary come to life. How? Say for instance I was a writer and I wrote

" She walked through the double doors wearing a green dress..."

He will take that sentence and turn that green dress into something magical. Writing like that makes his job easier. It gives him more of a creative standpoint to make the actress look amazing in her ' green dress '. He gave us an insight about what it is like being a costume designer and working working shows and movies. Hectic but so worth it!

I am looking forward to the next thing Broecker works on! He has now has a fan cheering for him in his corner!

Later Babes!




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