Georgetown, Washington, DC, USA

Bubbles & Bloggers Take Illusions of Georgetown!

It is always exciting when meeting up with my Blogger Babes. The best part apart our blogger meetup is always meeting new bloggers and networking. With unlimited drinks, and pop up shops it was the perfect get together. I was able to snap a few photos of my outfit before going back inside and socializing. Plastic champs glasses at the ready, procescco, mimosas, wine and mint water. Can we say fancy.

This time our meetup was at Illusions Of Georgetown!

I was greeted at the door by the adorable Irma who immediately offered me something to drink along with hanging up my denim jacket ( I am currently sick so I was freezing ).  After a bit of mix and mingling. Irma told us that there was an upstairs as well with pop up shops. Of course you guys know I was already halfway there before she even finished her sentence ( there was also a giveaway going on ). I didn't win the giveaway lol. I was having a chat with my babe Catherine and we were so oblivious as to what was going on downstairs. When we did decide to go back downstairs ( for more alcohol ) William started talking about this crazy color shampoo that they just got. I looked around and saw Dani with foil in her hair along with alot of the other girls. Okay, my interest has been peeked.

Seeing as though there was nothing I could do to my own hair ( my hair is blue ). I watched as almost everyone got slight color in their hair. Dani with hot pink, Catherine got light pink and Rox got lavender. I was walking around trying to get someone to get blue hair like me but I failed miserably. Honestly part of me wants to change my hair color again but I know the process to strip color out of hair. Especially putting bleach on blue hair....can we say green hair.

Overall it was such a fabulous meetup and I got to meet more amazing local bloggers! I cannot wait for October's meetup! It is going to be amazing!

Later Babes!

PS: I can say that one of the main things I love about our group is that we are women supporting women! There is no nevativity. Everyone is welcoming and we thrive to making sure everyone succeeds! I love meeting new local bloggers and sharing all my tips and tricks about blogging with them. I seriously cannot wait for our next meetup and a chance to meet these lovely ladies again! 








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