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Bringing 90's Fashion back around full swing on Lelondonchic!


Slip Dresses and Chokers have definitely made a massive comeback this year and being a 90's kid myself I was happy to relive my childhood. Who isn't?! 

I wanted to style this slip dress with a tee and what better tee than my pineapple tee shirt from H&M? Even though I just got this tee shirt I am already obsessed with it. I have a thing for pineapples lol. I don't want to say that I am obsessed but I am ( maybe ). 

Since Slip Dresses have made such a huge comeback this year I wanted to embrace the trend with open arms. The problem was getting my hands on one. The search was long but in the end I was able to get my hand on 2 Slip Dresses. One black one which you saw styled in my " Interview Ready " blog post. Which if you haven't checked out then click here. I am not sure why you haven't checked it out yet though. 

A slip dress is something I think every woman should in vest in. Think about it once or if they go out of style again you could wear it to bed. Boom multi use. So, if you just buy things because they are trending I would always stop and think..

" How often would you wear it? "

" How much is it? "

" Is it worth it? "

I often have to stand back and ask myself these questions as well. LOL. No shame. 

I must admit I definitely hopped onto the Summer layering trend but with my own twist. I seriously get super happy whenever I wear this pineapple tee. I was having a toss up about what shoes to wear so I opted for a pair of Puma's to go with my look. I need to clean my white Adidas so I can start wearing them again. 

Be on the look out because I will be styling my other slip dress really soon!

Later babes!



Tee: H&M | Slip Dress: Boohoo | Sneakers: Puma | Fedora: F21 | Bucket Bag: Zara | Choker: Yoins

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