Interview Inspired Look

Washington, DC, USA

Who said you cannot stand out during interviews?


Whether it's job interview, internship or first tinder date etc. Living in the District ( Washington DC ) I always see women and men wearing the same thing in the same colour and it drives me crazy. For a city that wants to be included as one of the Fashion Capitals why doesn't anyone want to stand out and be different.

Fashion is about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. I cannot tell you the amount of stares I get daily because I am different. I make statements with everything I wear even if it is basic. I also make statements with my hair. Do you dare to step out of the norm? Whether it is a kick ass statement necklace or a vibrant top to a rather dull office look. Who says you cannot spice it up.

So, that is how I came up with this " Interview " ready outfit. I styled a slip dress that I turned into a top and matched with a pair of striped culottes from Zara ( they were on sale ). I snagged these Culottes for $15 ( I was actually opting for the pink multi-coloured pair ). I wanted it to match with my Boyfriend Blazer that I also snagged from Zara.

I tend to steer off topic whenever I start talking about what is new in my wardrobe or Zara which tends to go hand in hand these days.

But back to my Interview Ready look. Pairing the slip dress turned shirt and the culottes with my favourite black blazer was a win win in my book. I had to really resist styling this look with a Fedora..which you babes know are my signature accessory. I did however get a chance to wear these shiny sandals from F21 which I got for $3! I just happened to cone across them whilst I was waiting in line to check out. It was meant to be!

Overall I am happy the way my interview ready outfit came out. An outfit that cane be dressed down as well. Pieces that can be worn together and separate! Stay tuned!

Later Babes!



Slip Dress: Boohoo | Culottes: Zara | Blazer: H&M | Sandals: F21 | Bucket Bag: Zara 

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