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So, a few days ago I got an email saying I could get a box of beauty products. Sounds pretty good right?

I get the products for free and all I have to do is write reviews about it.

Well, I am a sucker for free products especially beauty products because let's get serious we all know how pricey Beauty products are!

I am actually trying to add more beauty to the blog so I though this would be an awesome introduction. Although I did add the body butter etc this is different! Okay, so I have been using these products since I got them in the mail so that I could give you babes honest reviews.

Let's start with the packaging. The Beauty products came in a small box with the brand name on it. On the inside the products were neatly placed. There was also a card showing which items are inside with a slight description of each product. The only thing that was " wrong " was that I was actually supposed to get an eye-shadow but I was sent 2 of the " Late Night Eraser ". Which I am not complaining about at all.


I tend to wake up with the worlds worst under eye bags. It sucks. Besides since I only wear make-up when I am going out for a night out or when I am taking photos for le blog. I tend to want to go el natural everyday. I do not want to get dependent on make-up.

Now onto the reviews! I actually LIVE for the " Late Night Eraser " like I mentioned above. I wake up in the morning and do my morning routine and I have added this baby to my morning routine. I have notice the difference with my eyes and how they are ' almost ' bag free. I also feel very awake. This is one product that I am highly recommending.

Okay, now the " Radiance Activator ". I seriously do not know what they put in these products but my skin was glowing. There is like a hint of natural shine that I like. Mixed with the " Late Night Eraser " I look like a whole new person in the morning. Plus is smells heavenly. Another positive in my book.

Last but not least " Inside Track Eye-liner ". So, I read the reviews on the eye-liner before I tried it for myself. I decided not to use it on my waterline but I used it as a pop colour on after I finished my makeup. Let me tell you this eye-liner is like butter. It goes on smooth and thick and the colours are very vibrant! I don't know whether or not I will wear it on my waterline. Who knows maybe.

I hope my review was helpful or gave you guys some insight!

Later Babes!

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. *

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