My Week In Some Words ( 28 )

News: I cannot believe that it is already SEPTEMBER!

So, I got a little bored adding the Roman Numerals to my " Weekly Thoughts " posts so I am back to regular numbers. Sorry loves. I actually have a lot to share with you guys so get comfortable. Let's get started shall we.

Well this past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to work a local Fashion Show for the DC Incubator and as crazy as throwing together a Fashion Show is I still had fun. More on the Fashion Show will be up on my blog soon!

Plans: My Blogger Babes and I have another meetup this month and I seriously will get back into using Snapchat more. I tried the whole instastories but I didn't like it as much as I thought I was going to. Although I do get a more views on instastories. Maybe I will use both. Who knows.

Le boyfriends birthday is in 11 days ( 10 days when this is posted ) and I still do not really know what to get him. Part of me knows what he wants and the other part of me is like will he really like this?! I managed to treat him to his very first private room karaoke and he really enjoyed that. So, maybe little surprises here and there will be the best. I hope he isn't reading this.

Shopping: I finally got my hands on a Pyjama Inspired top and I cannot wait to style it for Fall. I have so many looks planned that it is going to be overwhelmingly fun! I also snagged a pair of Mum Jeans from ASOS along with a pair of Fall OTK Boots that are to die for! Mark your calendars! September 22nd is the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF FALL!


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