Pineapple Tee's and Pink Sneakers

What the pineapple?


I am ready to go to the beach...mentally that is. Summer is breezing by ( which I am not complaining about ) and I still didn't take much needed vacation. That didn't stop me from enjoying the Summer even though I despise the humid hell hole.

From blogger meetups with the babes, to photo-shoots for le blog and let us not mention working. With the horrendous heat I was finding comfort in the icebox of my apartment. I was able to get work done on the blog and even start a new book.

Have any of you guys read any books by Cassandra Clare!? She is the creator of the " Mortal Instrument " series and I highly recommend her books! Such pages turners!

I need to stop going off topic.

After my first video recording of my haul items fail. Well not really a fail but the next day I got another package from one of my all time favourite retail stores!


I did an another attempt of a haul on snapchat but failed with that one as well. LOL.  I am not going to lie I did get a little lazy and I didn't feel like snapping anymore. I don't know between instastories and snapchat having to go from one app to the other is such a hassle. I know some of my followers were mad that I just stopped mid short without showing the goodies I got!

I fee like I am steering off topic again.

Let's get back to this awesome Pineapple Tee! Pairing it with this Straw Fedora made me think of the beach and how I wish I was there sipping on a Pina Colada and dipping my toes in the cool sand.

How friggin amazing does that sound?! Man I wish that was my life right now.

Okay, so has anyone noticed my shoes? I posted a sneak preview of them on snapchat! I am taking Blush Pink ( pink in general ) to a whole new level!

Pink Sneakers must be in right now because when I opened the package and these babies fell out I was in awe. I actually liked them. I guess I am getting over my hatred for pink as you guys saw from my haul video.

Will pink being making a permanent stay in my wardrobe? Stay tuned to find out babes!



 Tee: H&M | Jeans: F21 | Sneakers: H&M | Fedora: Bailey of Hollywood | Backpack: Zara |

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