My Week In Some Words 29

News: Wow, how long has it been since I have written one? Well here is a bit of a 'catch up ' in a nutshell. I attended New York Fashion Week  for the first time ever and I loved it. After that I got sick for about 3 days. I thought that was funny but I guess my body needed some time to recover. I have been slacking when it comes to my blog and my instagram as well BUT on the bright side I did finally hit 1k! I am thinking about hosting a little giveaway soon!

Plans: I am actually planning on going to New York again tomorrow! Going to be playing tourist and celebrating something quite special but I do not want to give it away just yet! All I am going to say about that is stay tuned! If you lovelies have any suggestions on places to go and eat please let me know!

Shopping: I have done a little shopping but I will not be sharing what I recently got because that will be coming up on ' Lelondonchic ' soon! Man, I have so many surprises for you guys! I must love you alot.

Watched: Netflix removed my all time favourite show " Melissa&Joey " now I am forced to watch something else on those days where I do not know what to watch! So, I have decided to watch all 10 seasons of the show " Friends "! Nothing will replace my love for " Melissa&Joey ". I wonder if I can petition to get it back on Netflix!

Song Of The Week:

Butterfly by Beast

Video Of The Week:

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