Denim On Denim With Zara

 I am a sucker for Denim on Denim looks and this combo from Zara just takes the cake. 

From Dresses and now a Midi Skirt. I personally think that I am on a role! I am normally just prone to wearing jeans, culottes and trousers but when I saw this Midi Skirt I fell in love. I met up with my friend Caroline from thecarolove and we did a little shopping. I was trying to help her find an amazing outfit for a concert that she was attending. 
Our goal was to find an outfit for  her in Forever 21 but I always end up finding myself in Zara instead and that's where we ended up finding some stuff. I was in Zara with the intention of doing some browsing but the Midi Skirt was on sale ( I also got some ballet heels ) and I just had to have it! For that price I mean who wouldn't want to take that skirt home with them!

I have been wishing to get my hands on a midi skirt for a while now and while I had my eyes on a specific one from ASOS ( it is currently sold out ) but the opportunity to get this came and of course I did. Skirts and Dresses aren't the first on my list of things to wear but I still wear them once in awhile. Since I got this Midi Skirt it has been sitting on my ' new clothing ' rack waiting to be worn but I never had a chance to wear it until now! 

You guys have seen this Chambray Top worn during a recent ' Canadian Tuxedo ' look which if you lovelies are interested you can read here. I personally think Chambray Top's are a staple must have for anyone's wardrobe! All the endless outfit choices! Plus as you know this beauty was on sale. 

Now onto my all time favorite new item to bless my wardrobe! These ' Suede OTK Boots ' are life! They lacing in the back just gives these boots a one of a kind feel! I seriously had to get my hands on these. I wasn't happy with how my package came ( completely destroyed and hanging on for dear life ) but I was glad that my shoes were safe. I think I would have raised hell is they came damaged! You can bet your asses that these babies are going to be on heavy rotation this Fall and early Winter. 



Top: Zara | Skirt: Zara | Boots: ASOS | Fedora: Target | Necklace: Boohoo | Bag: Yesstyle

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