Blue Days

Told you that you will be seeing these ' OTK Boots ' again didn't I! I just didn't think it was going to be this soon. 

So, I wanted to do a bit of a blog catch up with you guys. I know most of you have noticed the sudden blog change and had questions. Well first I want to thank all of you who sent me sweet DM's on Instagram and sent me emails asking me if everything was okay. 

Well everything is okay and I am sorry about how vague I was being with the details. I think now I am ready to share what happened. So, many of you know that I was self-hosting for a little over a year and I really loved it BUT I didn't know how quickly it was going to change. I honestly only did self-hosting because I just wanted to see whether or not it was worth it. Here is where it got a little annoying. I did it for a year and all of a sudden my website started crashing ( thank you to those who told me ) and it would take about 10+ minutes before it was up and running again. I would be on the phone panicking to my self-hosting website which I am choosing to remain anonymous. 

Well without any warning or even as much as an email in advance. I was told that they cancelled the plan that I was on. Like I said without telling me and they were asking for more money. Money that I didn't have to dish out right then and there. In the end it was either pay the money or they will continue to f**k up my website as they saw fit. Right then and there I was doing some research and also talking to my friend Ingrid who is also another blogger and we came up with the idea of me just exporting my blog's content and moving over to blogspot. Which was the best idea I ever had BUT now came the hard part. Getting Lelondonchic back. Well as you guys can see I got it! But the work I had to do behind the scenes in order to get it. 

This is why I am not taking my blog for granted and I will be working harder to produce so much more amazing content for you guys! 


Top: H&M | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: ASOS | Fedora: F21 | Jacket: F21 | Bag: Yesstyle | Choker: Yoins

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