October Favorites

I am starting a new trend on Lelondonchic. I just want to say first that I am currently sorting though and re-adding over 300 blog photos back to my blog. What a hassle but I want to thank you guys for being patient with me. Hoping to get all of it done before November. Fingers crossed. 

Anyways, the show must go on as they say. In this particular post I will be sharing some items that I have come to love in the crazy bipolar month of October. 

1. Pencil Lippies From F21!

As you guys know I am a frequent shopper at Forever 21 and I always saw these particular lippies whilst in the checkout line but never paid them any mind until now. I threw caution to the wind and got the Plum & Wine colored lippies and needless to say they have come to dominate my lips 

2. Mini Backpack from F21! 

* First I want to disclose that they no longer sell my patched backpack online only in store
So with that being said I actually didn't purchase my bag in October but the ending of September but I have been using it religiously since. This bag is so cute and it goes with everything that it's giving all of my other bags a run for their money.  

3. Fedoras 

Okay, well this one shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone seeing as though I cannot live without my Fedoras. I am honestly going to be daring myself soon to go a full on week without wearing a Fedora. I think I can do it...1 week will turn into 1 month etc. 

4. Leather Jackets

With the weather being as bipolar as ever. Lately my outfits have been staying within the black n white family. I find myself reaching for my black leather jacket just to give any of my outfits a badass feel. 

5. Iphone 7+

So, surprise I got my hands on the Iphone 7+ in the Rose Gold color and let me just say I have been loving this phone since they day I got it. They were not kidding about that friggen amazing camera! The quality is the bomb-dot-com and I highly recommend this phone if you are a lover of Apple like I am. 

6. Bomber Jackets

If the weather is too hot for a faux leather jacket then my next go to is a bomber jacket. They just give certain outfits this " look ". I have a few of these babies and I think my bomber jacket collection will surpass my faux leather jacket collection soon. I need to stop! LOL. 

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