Patched Denim

You know when you find that one item and think " Yeah you are coming home with me? " That is how I felt when I first laid my eyes on these ' Patched Denim '

My love for patches began with my mini backpack that I got when I went on my random trip to New York. I thought that it was super cute and it practically go with everything that I bought it. Lo and behold I have been using this backpack everyday. I think it is screaming for me to give it a break now. 

I randomly walked into TJMaxx to kill time ( I normally get all of my journals and planners from there and Marshalls ) and ended up browsing the Junior section. I came across these jeans and was so sad that they didn't have my size. I think I was fated to have these jeans because I went to another location and there they were in my size waiting to be bought. 

Of course you guys know that whenever I buy something new I tend to wear it the very next day and that was the case with these beauties. Left and right everyone was asking me where I got them and didn't believe me when I said I got them from TJMaxx! 

Pairing the Patched Denim with a Black Trench and a White Button Up ( my staple go to's ) was the best way to really showcase the jeans. 

I am all about Fashion on a Budget. It is all about how you style it. 

Trench: F21 | Top: Thrifted | Denim: TJMaxx | Shoes: F21 | Fedora: F21 | Backpack: F21 | Belt: Yoins

PS: This is my new hair colour lol! This is the last colour I am changing my hair too before Winter! I will have a different hairstyle all together!

On another note I am going to start linking the items again for you lovelies to shop! Now that I have some time on my hands again!

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  1. those patched denim are everything!!!!!!!