Turtleneck Tunic

I am trying my hand at Turtlenecks again. When I was younger I honestly hated the crap out of " Turtlenecks " I mean come one who came up with the name? 

Random side note I actually had 2 pet turtles as a kid. Lol. 

Anyways, working at Forever 21 ( not for much longer ) I am constantly surrounded by Fashion and everyday we add new items to the store. So, in a way I get first dibs on whats new and trending. It is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Why? I want to buy everything I see but I also have to be realistic. I have absolutely NO space in my wardrobe for anymore shit. The temptation is strong and I must admit that I have been swayed numerous times. 

Like for instance this Grey Turtleneck Sweater ( with a slit ). Super soft and something I definitely saw myself wearing again in the harsh Winter months. As you guys know I hate Winter with a passion so I am really trying to upgrade my oversized knit collection. Honestly I want to get on Emma's level! If you guys do not know her then you are missing out! She is one of my favourite British Bloggers! You can check out her website here! I always turn to her for inspiration and just chat with her when I need to pick her brain. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. I admire her for being just straight up and to the point. One day I will get on her level. LOL. 

Since I was going to work ( second job ) I have to dress Business Casual there. Which I don't mind at all. I think of it as a balance. I wear jeans at F21 and everything else at the Salon. For this look I opted for these high-waisted Trousers from F21. I also added a pair of Brogues to top it off. I was going to say a Fedora but honestly at this point are you guys even surprised anymore about my Fedora obsession? 

Trousers: F21 | Turtleneck: F21 | Shoes: H&M | Leather Jacket: F21 | Fedora: F21 | Backpack: F21 

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