Camel Sweater & Pleated Skirt ft New Era Of Style 21

United States

Let me take a minute to introduce this crazy individual standing right next to me. Her name is Francis and she is a Fashion Blogger just like myself. We actually met at work and we have just connected so well I decided that I wanted to feature her on my blog in the most randomest way ever! What better way than an impromptu photo shoot! If you guys want to check out her blog then you can click here
Fran ( this is what I call her ) has been blogging for about 4 years now and just like me she threw herself into it without much of a plan but here we are now learning and picking each others brain.

I have gotten such a positive response from the last ootd post that I posted. I guess you guys like when I am open , honest and sharing something personal about myself. I think I am pretty open with you guys but even I will admit going back and reading my old blog posts I feel like my writing style has changed drastically. I have gotten lazy. I don't feel like writing long posts out anymore because I figured that you guys didn't want to read all of the words I had to write. In the end I was depriving all of you of my old writing and why you guys subscribed to my blog in the first place. All that is going to change now. I am going to sit down and actually write like I used to. Sorry guys but that means more words.

With at that being said I am going to get into why I choose to wear this outfit on this particular day. I have mentioned that my style has matured and I have been dipping into different styles as well. I am one for keeping up with the trends but only if I can see it benefitting me. Like for example this ' Black Pleated Skirt '. I saw one of my favorite bloggers wearing one and I thought " hmmm maybe I should try it ". We actually sold a metallic one at work but I wasn't really up for trying to rock a metallic pleated skirt. This is basically how I came to own this particular skirt.

I got off work at a really good time but I was exhausted and I honestly didn't feel like taking photos. I think I was wearing jeans, a graphic tee and a blazer ( a typical everyday outfit honestly ). Randomly went into H&M just to browse when I noticed they put a lot of items on sale. Curse me and my love for sales. Anyways long story short I walked out with this beautiful ' Camel Oversized Sweater ' and the ' Black Pleated Midi Skirt ' which I can honestly say I love them together and separately. Who said you couldn't wear black and brown together? Adding some ' Fishnet Socks ' to look made it stand out more. It was like adding a touch of Jia to the outfit other than my signature Fedora of course!

Sweater: H&M | Skirt: H&M | Sneakers: Boohoo | Socks: F21 | Neckalce: Boohoo | Fedora: F21 | Bag: F21 | Glasses: F21

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