Camel Sweater & Pleated Skirt

I have gotten such a positive response from the last ootd post that I posted. I guess you guys like when I am open , honest and sharing something personal about myself. I think I am pretty open with you guys but even I will admit going back and reading my old blog posts I feel like my writing style has changed drastically. I have gotten lazy. I don't feel like writing long posts out anymore because I figured that you guys didn't want to read all of the words I had to write. In the end I was depriving all of you of my old writing and why you guys subscribed to my blog in the first place. All that is going to change now. I am going to sit down and actually write like I used to. Sorry guys but that means more words.

With at that being said I am going to get into why I choose to wear this outfit on this particular day. I have mentioned that my style has matured and I have been dipping into different styles as well. I am one for keeping up with the trends but only if I can see it benefitting me. Like for example this 'Black Pleated Skirt'. I saw one of my favorite bloggers wearing one and I thought " hmmm maybe I should try it ". We actually sold a metallic one at work but I wasn't really up for trying to rock a metallic pleated skirt. This is basically how I came to own this particular skirt.

I got off work at a really good time but I was exhausted and I honestly didn't feel like taking photos. I think I was wearing jeans, a graphic tee and a blazer (a typical everyday outfit honestly). Randomly went into H&M just to browse when I noticed they put a lot of items on sale. Curse me and my love for sales. Anyways long story short I walked out with this beautiful 'Camel Oversized Sweater' and the 'Black Pleated Midi Skirt ' which I can honestly say I love them together and separately. Who said you couldn't wear black and brown together? Adding some 'Fishnet Socks ' to look made it stand out more. It was like adding a touch of Jia to the outfit other than my signature Fedora of course!

Shop My Look Below: 

Sweater: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Sneakers: Boohoo

Socks: F21

Necklace: Boohoo

 Fedora: F21

Bag: F21

 Glasses: F21

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