I'm Bringing Blush Pink Back

 Blush Pink has taken over my wardrobe and I don't know whether to be happy or a bit worried. 

I guess I am happy. Happy that I got my hands on this beautiful ' Blush Pink Satin Top ' from Zara! Which, as you know from my last OOTD blog post, that I got this top on sale. But before I jump into how awesome this top is, I wanted to touch base with an email I received in my inbox. I thought I would use this opportunity to respond. 

The reason I got into blogging was because I wanted to share my personal style and my love for fashion with you guys. The thing is when I first started I didn't know what I was doing and where I was going with it. I didn't see it getting as many views and followers as I do now. I can personally say that my style has changed drastically since I started blogging but I have personally stayed the same, although I do think that my writing changed as well. Since the day I started blogging I have been showcasing affordable fashion with you guys. I went from just throwing outfits together that I thought represented me at the time to how I dress now. More mature now, and I weighed less then, but I am happy about the weight I have gained. I have curves and boobs and I seriously couldn't be happier about it. That being said, I could hit the gym once in a while to maintain the weight I have now. I am happy with the change I have made. Why? Because change is inevitable and I welcome change with open arms. Since the beginning my photos have changed, my blog has changed and like I mentioned before, my style has changed. I am embracing change. 

I sincerely hope my answers suit you. Yes, I have changed and it has made me a better blogger. 

Anyway, now that I have cleared that up let us get back to talking about this awesome shirt. I feel like I say awesome a lot. I have to cut that out. There was actually something about this shirt shimmering under the light that caught my attention. This top also comes in Navy Blue which will soon be added to my wardrobe because this shirt is just beautiful. 

I paired this top with a pair of skinny jeans and otk boots to make the outfit dressy, yet casual. Adding this new ' Patched Denim Jacket ' to my outfit was like killing 2 birds with one stone. I love this denim jacket! I have been wearing it everyday since I bought it. That's how you know you've bought a good investment! There is something about blush pink that I cannot get enough of. As you guys know I got my first helping on ' Blush Pink ' from a dare by my cheeky little best friend Brie but I think she knew in the end I would come to terms with growing to love the colour. This particular colour is now partially taking over my wardrobe. I find myself eyeing it more than usual whenever I decide to go shopping. Which by the way you guys know is like an everyday kinda thing ( I obviously have a problem ). I mean for crying out loud I work at Forever 21! Do you know how many new items we put out on the floor daily!? 

Recently went into Zara and saw these ' Navy Blue Culottes ' & another ' Blush Pink Silk Top ' but we will get into talking about the top another day. Right now I am talking about these extremely lightweight and comfortable Culottes. Of course you know these beauties were on sale. I honestly do not think I will buy anything full priced ever again especially from Zara. I can honestly say that these were only $15! $15! Can you believe it cause I surely cannot. I don't even remember if it was an additional anything. My mind is all a blur right about now. 

Another new addition to my never wardrobe is yes you guys should already know if you follow me on Instagram. If you guys don't ( then you guys should get on that just saying ) but I am talking about these ' Navy Blue Suede Booties '. Funny story about how I actually came to owning these gorgeous shoes. 

Not to long ago one of my favourite H&M stores closed down for renovations. With that being said they were having a massive clearing out sale. Which of course you guys know I was there for. Flash forward the H&M is now re-opened and I made sure I was one of the first 200 people in line to receive a scratch card worth a value up to $200! I was able to get my hands on a $50 but I really wanted the $200 haha. Anyways I wasn't able to get the shoes because I ended up getting other things instead. Boo. The cashier gave me a coupon and told me a deal that they were having but I just had to wait a few days. She said because I chased the lady down who forgot her debit card she would ' hook me up ' and boy did she. These booties were originally $50 but I got them for wait for it ..... HALF OFF! How dope is that?! 

And if you guys are wondering the answer is ' yes ' these shoes are WAY too comfortable for my liking. 

Sweater: H&M | Culottes: Zara | Shoes: H&M | Fedora: F21 | Coat: F21

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